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Gift Card Envelopes

Gift Card Envelopes

Gift card envelopes make gift card giving much more special. Presentation is everything. Gift cards by themselves are for the most part considered to thoughtless gifts, with not much effort put into them. However when you use a well thought out, well designed envelope to present your gift card in, the receiver will appreciate your personal touch and thoughtful consideration. With so many designs available, you can match the theme of any occasion imaginable.

Furthermore, if you have a business, you can sell your own company gift cards packaged in nicely done gift card envelopes. It’s an excellent way to build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

As you browse through the selections of gift card envelopes you will notice that there are several options to choose from. Here are the major types.

Blank gift card envelopes. These are the most economical choice. Without any pre-printed messages or artwork, they do not cost much to produce and do not cost much to buy. They are also the most versatile because any message can be hand written on them. They are especially popular amongst heads of large organizations – business owners, managers, and directors, etc. For example, one of our readers is a sales manager, and often holds sales contests. She gives the winners of these contests gift cards in these envelopes, with a personal note congratulating them. Sometimes she chooses to be creative with them and dresses them up with accessories such as a ribbon, sticker, or button. This goes a long way in building employee satisfaction and keeping employee morale up.

But blank gift card envelopes can also be used for personal gift giving too! If you prefer not to put too much thought and effort into picking out the “perfect” gift for a particular person or occasion, just keep a box of them handy. All that is needed are gift cards to the places at which the receivers likes to shop, and a few touching words.

Pre-printed gift card envelopes. These are the simplest and easiest to use. These are ideal for persons who want to put the very least amount of effort into gift giving, as in not even wanting to write a personal note to the receiver, because these gift card envelopes will often come with a pre-printed message, the most common being “A Gift For You.” They will also have spaces labelled “From,” “To,” and “Amount.”

They make up in design what they lack in personal touch, because as generic as they are they will often come with beautifully printed, engraved, or even embossed text. Many pre-printed gift card envelopes will also be made with better quality paper.

Many retailers will buy these in bulk and use them to dress up their own gift cards, which are usually displayed at their checkout counters. Some gift shops or retailer stores with a gift department will also buy these in bulk, as some of them will have other popular pre printed messages such as “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” and “Merry Christmas.”

Both blank and pre-printed gift card envelopes will generally be available in white, black, and natural. However, some companies will also offer them in a wide range of colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, and pink. Standard lettering is often in white or black. However, there are some pre-printed models that will have gold or silver foil text.

Custom gift card envelopes can be ordered through online print shops in case you need envelopes made to particular specifications. When you order you will be asked to provide graphics, to specify font type, shape, and color, as well as the type, size, or shape of paper. If you need help getting started, some of these print shops will offer print packages with pre-determined features, such as:

  • Paper sizes – common sizes include 4” x 5.5”, 4” x 6”, and 2.8” x 8.75”.
  • Paper type – standard options are 10pt C1S White, as well as Gloss Cover.
  • Font color – standard options are white or black
  • The choice between full color printing or black/white printing
  • The choice between one side or two side printing

When consulting with a print shop to have custom gift card envelopes made, expect some back and forth between you and the company, as adjustments may have to be made. Most print shops will offer one free proof (a proposed design based on your specifications) before printing up your order. Once you approve the design, you will then pay for your order and it will be made. Turn around time is usually 7 – 10 business days.

Prices for gift card envelopes will vary across the several merchants who sell them, and will also depend on things such as the type and quantity ordered. Based on a standard order of 250 envelopes, you can generally expect to pay the following:

$.17 per blank gift card envelope
$.21 per pre-printed gift card envelope
$.75 – $1.00 per custom gift card envelope

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