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If you are looking to buy gift card envelopes wholesale, here are three popular wholesalers that online buyers often shop with. We have also listed specific models which may available through them.

Dollar Nights has always been a popular place to purchase gift card envelopes wholesale, as the popular online wholesaler always often has good selections for reasonable prices.

For example, at the time of this writing it has available a set of 72 gift card envelopes, assorted in 9 different styles.

Each card has a plastic slot on the inside so that you can slide in a gift card.

Each envelope also comes with a tag so that you can designate the the receiver and the giver.

The dimensions of these gift card envelopes measure at 4.5 W x 3.5 H inches. They come individually wrapped and have their own unique UPC codes.

Normally, a case of these envelopes would cost $71.28, which is about $.99 per envelope. However, when you purchase from Dollar Nights, the cost per case is only $28.80, which is about $.40 per envelope. That’s about 60% off!

Even better, when you purchase two or more cases on one order, the cost is further reduced to $22.26, which works out to be around $.31 per envelope.

Another popular wholesaler of gift card envelopes is Gift Card Supply Store, which is widely known for having excellent quality products and a larger inventory than most wholesalers.

At the time of this writing, Gift Card Supply Store was selling a set set of 100 solid colored gift card envelopes, a great choice for those who want to keep it simple and want a multi purpose solution that will fit any occasion.

These gift card envelopes come in all sorts of colors, including red, pink, green, blue, orange, lime, lemon, plum, yellow ivory, and of course white. You can choose to get a multi pack, which includes ten of each color. Alternatively, you can purchase the entire set in just one color.

The dimensions for each envelope measure at around 5/16″ x 3 5/8″ (excluding the flap). There is no plastic card slot built into these like the above mentioned envelopes, as these are sized to fit a typical gift card perfectly.

The price per set is $16.99, which works out to be around $.17 per envelope.

If you prefer something more elegant, at the time of this writing Net Bank Store was offering a set of white gift card envelopes imprinted with gold foil. This set includes 250 inner envelopes, which features die-cut slits in which you can slide and display a gift card, and 250 sealable outside envelopes. When you make your purchase, you can customize the imprint to read whatever message you want. On the outer envelope, you can specify up to four lines in blank ink, while the standard message “A Gift For You” will appear in gold ink. On the inner envelope, you can specify one line in blank ink. You also get to choose between the fonts Helvetica or Times New Roman. The price for this set of gift card envelopes is $147.50, which works out to be around $.59 per pair of inner and outer envelopes. To order, reference product GCE-165IMP.

Since the time of this write up, details regarding the above mentioned selections may have changed, or might not be available anymore when you try to order. But you can always remember the names of these specific wholesalers, Dollar Nights, Gift Card Supply Store, and Net Bank Store, because they will often have other selections available at any given time, even if they aren’t the ones in this review.

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